427sc Production



The glass mat is then rollered to remove all the air and ensure the  glass is fully saturated with the resin.



Likewise, the rear bulkhead / boot floor for the 427SC

Would sir prefer right or left hand drive?

Once all the inner mouldings have been completed ready for the next production run, a body is laid up in the plug or mould.

Here is an Almac 427SC body sitting on a rolling jig in the workshop ready for delivery. You can see the inner wheel arches and rear bulkhead and out of sight, the floor, front bulkhead and dash are now all glassed in place.




Alex sprays cut glass strand and resin into the mould through the application gun.  Where glass matt or woven roving glass mat is already in place, just the resin is sprayed on.


Next up is the rear floor section
incorporating the boot floor.


Here is a stack of 4 rear floor sections ready for fitting to an Almac 427sc body.

Boot lids and bonnets, or is that hoods, as this is after all considered to be an American muscle car, maybe!


More Almac 427sc body parts, these are inner wheel arches waiting to be trimmed up and removed from the moulds.


The basic bare shell laid is laid up. Before the body is removed from this mould, the inner panels will be glassed in, this ensures there is no distortion in the body as this work is completed.