CCC Show 2005
Photos CCC 2005
  Lower Hutt 23rd & 24th July 2005, the Constructors Car Club held its second show
Based on the club's by-line, 'The Alternative Drive Style' and there was a wide variety of cars on view, from home designed 'scratch built' vehicles, to cars built and indeed being built from commercial plans to kit.

cars were presented in all stages of the build process, from bare chassis right through to those that have been completed, registered and on the road. 

 A really good weekend with many people from all over New Zealand. We had two cars on our stand, the Clubsprint, seen above being pushed in to the show hall, we were not allowed to run the engines inside, regulations, so  a team of pushers, of the very nicest type of course, were on hand to assist, thank goodness!  The Sabre S2, still a work in progress, but getting close to being ready for test drives.



 It was in the paint shop, but the cold weather meant it only got the undercoat on before we had to pull it out to fit the dash and seats ready for the show, so people could at least sit in and try it for size!

Many comments were made on the new front end, general consensus, we have got it right and it looks good., The rear, well you will have to wait a while longer to see that, I simply didn't get a picture!





As for the 427SC, well we had a body/chassis in the factory but knew that these 2 customer cars were to be on display, this one that has just been started and the one that is certainly finished and looking very good, so we left the other one where it was!











Members came from as far away as Dunedin and Whangarei and all points in between, some had driven their cars to the show, some flew.  Finally the general public, so many people.  Some were simply there to see what we do, some came because they have friends who are involved, others asked lots of questions and others became club members over the weekend.

It was so good to catch up with people again, those that had built our cars in the dim and distant past, to those that are still running Almac's of various flavours, from the early Almac TD through to the latest Sabre today.