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Our new Clubsprint XL is a lightweight performance orientated back to basics two seater car, the kit has been designed from the outset to be a one donor car using proven and easily obtainable 1989-2005 MX5 components that make it extremely economical both to build and maintain.

For most builders the most difficult part is the wiring. By using the MX5 donor car, the complete loom including the computer is taken out and reused in the Clubsprint, its that simple, only a few wires have to be extended or shortened

Clubsprint 2

If you want to know more about what is involved in building a Clubsprint XL our build manual which can be bought prior to ordering the kit has a step by step instruction of the assembly process, it has 50 pages and over 100 photos.

The $35 cost is refundable when you purchase a kit.

To see a smaple of the build manual click on the image to the left.

If you do not fancy doing all the work yourself we can build it for you to any stage up to the finished car.

The Clubsprint XL has more interior space than any of our competitors and makes it suitable for a wide variety of drivers and with the larger engine bay makes it suitable for a wide variety of engines. Though for most builders the MX5 range of engines will give the performance they want, as these can be supercharged or turbocharged for more power but will still keep the build simple.

Clubsprint 2
Clubsprint 2

The Clubsprint XL design ensures that it uses the majority of MX5 parts in unmodified form. This means that the mechanical build is simply removing the parts from the MX5, cleaning, inspecting and reconditioning if required then bolting them to the Clubsprint XL chassis.

The kit is offered in packs, this makes it completely flexible to suit your budget or the space you have available to build the car.

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