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  • The Clubsprint XL is designed from the outset to be a one donor car
  • By using the MX5 for the mechanical components, we are tapping into the strength, reliability and handling characteristics for which this car is known around the world.
  • The XL is longer, wider and higher than most clubman type cars which means it can accommodate a wider range of engines.
  • It can also accommodate a wider range of drivers.
Clubsprint Front
Clubsprint Chassis
  • The chassis is a steel fully triangulated space frame, 38x25 RHS is used as the main top and bottom rails providing greater torsional rigidity
  • All mounting brackets are part of the chassis, no welding is required
  • The body comprises of removable fiberglass panels which come in a grey gelcoat finish ready for painting or
  • They can be supplied in a gelcoat finish in a colour of your choice providing a substantial saving on the cost of the finished car
  • We make it easy to understand what you get with each kit and what you need.
  • It can also accommodate a wider range of drivers.
Clubsprint Panels
Clubsprint Car
  • A detailed build manual is supplied with every kit.
  • The build manual can be bought before you order the kit, this way you can see exactly what is involved.
  • Packs can be supplied at any stage to suit your budget and time lines

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