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Donor Vehicle Parts

MX5 1989-2005 Donor vehicle parts
  • Front stub axles, brake rotors, bottom ball joint discs, calipers & hoses
  • Anti sway bar and links (optional)
  • Handbrake cable (part of rear suspension assembly)
  • Steering column, wheel, indicator stalks and ignition barrel
  • Steering rack and track rod ends
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Accelerator pedal and cable
  • Instrument gauges
  • Speedo cable (if using MX5 gearbox)
  • Fuel tank sender and pump
  • Driveshaft (needs shortening)
  • Wiring loom complete with computer
  • Horn
  • Windscreen wiper motor
  • Windscreen washer bottle
  • Cooling fan
  • Rear suspension and differential complete in frame
  • Side repeaters
  • Battery and tray
  • Wheels and tyres (if suitable)
  • Engine and gearbox (of customers choice)
  • Space saver wheel

Car Dimensions

Clubsprint Specs


The Clubsprint Chassis is made from ERW steel rectangular hollow section, 25 x 25 x 1.6mm with the main longitudinal top and bottom rails being 38 x 25 x 1.6 mm RHS the driveshaft hoop which is part of the centre tunnel is 25 x 25 x 3mm RHS.

The chassis is constructed in a jig and is completely MIG welded with all the laser cut brackets in place before removing it from the jig thus ensuring accuracy. All engine and gearbox mounts are fitted as is all the suspension mounts, steering brackets and seat belt mounts.

The chassis is wider, longer and taller than the usual seven chassis, a big plus is the width of the footwell measuring 350mm across at the pedals.

The Aluminium Panels are laser cut for accuracy thus ensuring a good fit, also the pack includes rivets and bonding adhesive.

Front Wishbones

The front suspension has Upper and Bottom Wishbones manufactured by Almac These are type approved by the LVVTA , the stub axles, hubs and brakes are taken unmodified from the MX5.

The Rear Suspension and differential is MX5. We use the complete rear end complete with frame and bolt it directly to the chassis frame. Nothing could be easier.

The Steering rack and column is from the MX5. The rack is used as a manual, the column is fitted complete with wiper, indicator and lighting stalks.

The Pedal Box is custom made by Almac for the Clubsprint. It uses the MX5 master cylinder and the accelerator pedal.

The Fuel Tank is custom made by Almac, constructed from aluminium it holds 34 litres. It is designed to use the fuel pump and sender unit from the MX5 which is a good saving in overall build.

The Radiator is from the Honda Civic, it is alloy and 45mm thick. We make our own header tank.

Fuel Tank

The Body Panels are fiberglass, they are supplied in a gloss gel finish in a range of colours, so that you can a have a combination of different colours for different panels.

Our standard range of colours are red, black, white, blue and green although other colours can be supplied.

The top quality finish means there is no painting required. If a paint finish is preferred we can supply panels in a grey gelcoat.

The Windscreen Wiper system is manufactured by Almac and uses Mazda components and the MX5 wiper motor. This gives a two speed wipe, an intermittent wipe and self park.

The Wiring Loom complete with computer is taken from the MX5, this means a good saving in cost and simplifies the build.

The Lights comprise of 53/4 or 7 inch headlights with a choice of front indicators on stalks or in a traditional holder underneath the headlights. The rear lights are either traditional rectangular or round lights.

Fuel Tank

The Trim pack has carpets and panels plus handbrake and gearbox covers. We make our own seats which are trimmed in vinyl. The drivers seat is fitted with an adjustable runner.

To keep the wet weather out we have a Hood & Side Windows, they are both removable if they are not required. The hood is fitted to the car and can be erected by pulling it up and fitting it to the top of the windscreen where it is held in position with two over-centre clips. Across the top of the hood are two zips, these can be unzipped for easy access to the car. The side window frames are fiberglass with a leather grain finish these hold the polycarbonate windows.

All of the parts we supply are shown in our price list.

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