Building a Clubsprint

 Have you built a car before ?

 If the answer is no, do not despair, the Clubsprint is probably the easiest component car to self assemble and for most of our customers it is their
first ever build.

 The Clubsprint is designed to be assembled in the home garage, all welding
 and fabrication has been done by the factory therefore the equipment to
 assemble the Clubsprint is simple hand tools e.g. Socket set, spanners and

 All the parts required are included in the kit packs down to the nuts and
 bolts. The packs are designed so that they can be purchased as and when they  are needed.

 If you have any experience in normal automobile service, putting our kit
 together will be easy. Using our comprehensive build manual which gives
 step by step instructions in the assembly of the car, even a novice can do it.
 You simply put the pieces together, no fabrication is necessary
 The donor car is the MX5, you have a choice whether you purchase a car
 and strip it down yourself or we can supply a pallet of donor parts for the