The Almac Story, Between Times

The Clubsprint - Patrick Harlow 

Towards the end of the 1990’s kit car production slowed down. Cobra production still continued but it appeared to be past its heyday. Other New Zealand kit car manufacturers were reporting similar stories. With Sabre sales not going anywhere Alex started looking around again for another car to produce. Clubsprint chassis and body panelsThis time it was fortunate that most of the hard work had been done. In Graham Berry’s factory was a completed chassis for a 7 type car. Graham had tinkered around with it but had never really gotten the car ready for production and it had only sold in very small (3) numbers through word of mouth. As Alex already had made most of the moulds for it would be the ideal car to add to his stable.  

As per usual Alex developed the car to take a single donor. His intention was to make it a cheap kit car that could be built for less than $10,000. Cobras were somewhere in the forty thousand plus Clubsprintrange to build and the Sabre was in the upper twenties to low thirties. To keep costs down the little 7 has been based on the Mark 1 or 2 Ford Escort and the car has been called the Almac Clubsprint. Launched through Classic Car in 2002 Almac have already sold a number of Clubsprints.