The Almac Sabre S2

The Almac Sabre S2 is supplied in build packs, or as individual items.
With the build packs you can have all the parts to build the car in set stages.
Packs three and four are JaguarXJ6 series 3 components.
You only need to buy the parts as you need them.

 Please Note: All Prices Exclude GST


Build Pack One:         Chassis Frame

A space frame, backbone chassis fully bracketed for all suspension mounts, 
seats, seat belt mounts, handbrake, shock absorber mounts, 
engine and gearbox mounts.

Price $3200.00


 Build Pack Two:         Body

One piece outer shell complete with floors, bulkheads, front and rear bumpers, 
bonnet, boot lid and doors, dashboard frame, heater fresh air and  demister ducts, 
pedal box and steering column bracket, headlight holders and covers,  
petrol filler cap recess, front and rear inner guards.

Price $8200.00


Build Pack Three:     Front Suspension & Brakes

Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 top and bottom front wishbones, with ball joints and 
bushes, stub axles, front hubs, upper fulcrum shafts and anti sway bar with 
links and bushes, discs callipers and hoses.

Price $1,746.00          


Build Pack Four:      Rear Differential, Suspension & Brakes

Differential, lower wishbones, axles, hub carrier, hub, discs and 
callipers & trailing arms

Price $2,582.00         


Build Pack Five:    Steering

Reconditioned steering rack & steering arm lever.

Price $960.00          


Build Pack Six:         Shock Absorbers & Springs

Two front shock absorbers and springs & Four rear shock 
absorbers and springs.

Price $2,220.00             


Build Pack Seven:    Driveshaft


Price $460.00             


Build Pack Eight:      Brake Pipes, Fuel Lines & Handbrake

Brake pipes, fuel lines, handbrake & cable

Price $390.00             


Build Pack Nine:    Fuel Tank & Pump

Fuel tank, sender, fuel pump & bracket and filter

Price $950.00           


Build Pack Ten:    Exhaust

Exhaust headers for Lexus, exhaust pipe and silencer

Price $1,128.00             


Build Pack Eleven:   Pedal Box & Steering Column

Clutch master & slave cylinder, brake master cylinder & booster, pedals,
Steering column, bearing and lower shaft

Price $738.00     


Build Pack Twelve:   Bonnet & Boot Fittings

Bonnet catch, pull & prop. Boot lid catch, lock & prop.

Price $112.00           


 Build Pack Twelve a:      Petrol Filler

Petrol filler flap and catch, petrol cap, filler tube and hose.

Price $100.00           


 Build Pack Fourteen:    Windscreen Wiper

Wiper motor, wheel-boxes, arms and blades.  

Price $366.00             


Build Pack Fifteen:      Heater

Heater, heater control panel, hoses.

Price $264.00            


Build Pack Sixteen:   Radiator & Duct

Radiator, radiator duct, cooling fan and holder, header tank, hoses, 
air filter and inlet duct to engine

Price $860.00             


Build Pack Seventeen:  Windscreen Washer 

Washer bottle, bracket, jets and tubing

Price $54.00  


Build Pack Eighteen:    Door Fittings

Door hinges, locks, outer and inner handles, window, window motor 
and guides, mirrors



Build Pack Nineteen:    Lights and Electrics

Main and dipped beam headlights, front and rear indicators, 
side repeaters, stop/tail lights, reflectors, reverse lights, 
high stop light, number plate lights, interior light, horn.



Build Pack Twenty:    Wiring

Wiring looms, front, dashboard, rear and engine. Fuse box and battery,



Build Pack Twenty-one:    Gauges & Switches

Dashboard gauges, speedometer cable, clock, hazard and window switches.



Build Pack Twenty-two:    Trim

Carpet cockpit and boot, demister cover, dash outer covers, centre fascia cover, 
instrument cover, instrument cowl, tunnel console, console lid, gearlever cover, 
handbrake cover, door trim, door pull handle, sun visors, interior mirror, 
door moulding, boot moulding,

Price $1,976.00


Build Pack Twenty-three:    Soft Top     

Fold down flexible rear panel, roof panels, over centre stays, panel catches

Price $1,200.00            


Other Parts Required:                                

Windscreen  fitted

  $  400.00





Spare Wheel




Seat Belts


Steering Wheel (with airbag)


Roll Bars (pair)




Lexus 4 litre V8 engine, Supra gearbox, flywheel and clutch.

Painting of car  


All the above prices are plus  GST and are ex factory

Costs can change at any time without notification.

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Sabre S2 Costs